Streamlined Offshore In-Boom Furling System pict of passagemaker system

Designed for the boat owner who is wants the safety, convenience, and performance of a Leisure Furl system, but prefers a less pronounced furling drum, our Passagemaker™ boom is the perfect solution. It offers true offshore capability in a stylish design with all the proven technology of the original Leisure Furl Offshore™ system.

The main difference is that it features an internal aft drive system with a compact ratcheting Reef-Lok™ control system that’s designed to minimize how far it extends in front of the mast. This helps streamline the overall look of the system and eliminates the forward furling drum to help clear space for vertical pole storage at deck level.

Passagemaker Boom Furling System Features:

  • Sleek tapered “Euro” styled compliments your boat’s look
  • Streamlined internal rear drive systems for smooth operation
  • An exclusive low-profile REEF-LOK™ system that reduces halyard strain
  • Controllable full batten sail shape for superior sail performance
  • Reefable at each batten for heavy weather sailing
  • Built-in sail cover
  • Semi-custom construction to ensure an exact fit
  • Optional color and paint finish to match your needs
passagemaker mast fitting
Slim Design Manual Override Mast Fitting
carbon passagemaker leaisure furl
Carbon Passagemaker with vertical whisker pole storage


5 Reasons Why Leisure Furl Passagemaker is the Safest and Easiest Way to Handle Your Mainsail

Complete Cockpit Mainsail Control

With Leisure Furl, one person can quickly and easily raise, reef, or furl the mainsail because all controls are led to the safety of the cockpit. No need to get up on a rocking and dangerous cabintop to flake and tie your mainsail, or to stuff it into a large and unsightly lazy jack pack. With Leisure Furl you simply roll the mainsail back into the boom from the safety of the cockpit.

Quick Reefing with Virtually Unlimited Reef Points

When the wind unexpectedly comes up, you can quickly reef the mainsail to the desired height by simply rolling it back into the boom. Each of the full length battens also becomes a reef point, so there are virtually unlimited reefing size options.

Better Deeper Draft Sail Performance

Because of the wide opening in the top of the boom, Leisure Furl allows the sailmaker to construct a deep draft full-batten mainsail for far better sail performance. This increase in speed allows you to take advantage of shorter weather windows during passagemaking and give you a better chance of outrunning popup storms. With in-mast furling systems, sailmakers are required to build a flat and highly inefficient mainsail just to avoid jamming.

Easy Access at Boom Height

Compared to in-mast furlers, Leisure Furl offers safer access to your mainsail because everything is at boom height. With in-mast systems, jams and problems happen out of reach, high above the deck and often require a dangerous trip up the mast.

Halyard Quick Release

Should a problem occur that prevents you from rolling the sail into the boom, Leisure Furl’s exclusive ratcheting mandrel design allows you to quickly release the halyard system with the pull of a pin, so the mainsail be manually rolled back into the boom using a standard winch handle.