Hoist, Reef, and Stow Your Mainsail from the Safety of Your Cockpit

Leisure Furl in-boom furling is the world’s most popular and well-tested mainsail furling and reefing system. With thousands installed, and millions of offshore miles sailed, it has become the boom furler of choice for experienced performance cruisers around the world. Decades of real life experience tells them they can trust Leisure Furl for smooth reliable operation in even the roughest conditions.

Don’t just take out work for it, let veteran sailing Journalist, Tom Cunliffe tell you his story:

Safe and Easy Mainsail Furling Control from the Safety of Your Cockpit

With a Leisure Furl boom furler, one person can quickly and easily raise, reef, or furl your mainsail without leaving the safety of the cockpit. Just unroll the mainsail from inside the boom furler and go sailing. If the wind comes up, simply reef the mainsail by rolling it back into the boom furler to the desired height. With Leisure Furl, each batten becomes a reef point, so there are virtually unlimited mainsail reefing options. When you’re done sailing, there is also no need to get up on a rocking and dangerous cabin top to flake and sail tie your mainsail, or to stuff it into a large and unsightly lazy jack pack. With Leisure Furl you simply roll the mainsail back into the boom furler and pull the integrated sail cover closed. It’s that easy!

Boom Furling is Far Safer than In-Mast Furling Alternatives

Boom furling also allows for safer troubleshooting because everything is within reach at deck level. With in-mast systems, jams and problems can happen high above the deck, possibly requiring a dangerous trip up the mast to affect any repairs. With Leisure Furl, should a problem occur, our exclusive ratcheting mandrel design allows you to quickly release the system with the pull of a pin so the mainsail be manually rolled back into the boom using a winch handle.

Superior Sail Performance

Unlike in-mast furling systems that require a flat, inefficient battenless mainsail to avoid jamming, Leisure Furl’s elegant in-boom furling design allows the sailmaker to build in a deeper mainsail draft with full length battens. This significantly improves light wind sailing performance so you can do less motoring, and enjoy far more sailing.

Boom Furling Designed to Fit Your Sailboat

Whether you enjoy day sailing, coastal cruising, or true offshore bluewater passagemaking, each new Leisure Furl boom furler is custom engineered to fit. We use a proprietary multi-factor design program to spec your boom, and then build it to exactly fit your boat’s dimensions and sail plan. Available for boats ranging from 27’ to 70’, we offer three base models designed to fit your sailing type, including the Offshore, the Passagemaker, and the Coastal. All three Leisure Furl models can be made of aluminum or carbon and customized with a variety of finishes to match your aesthetic needs. With proper installation and a quick training session, a new Leisure Furl in-boom furling system is the safest and easiest way to set your mainsail, especially with a shorthanded sailing crew.

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Our Leisure Furl Coastal, in boom, mainsail-furling system has been installed on our Catalina 30 for approximately six months now. We could not be more pleased. The system has worked flawlessly from the day it was installed. It has given us the confidence to sail short-handed in conditions where we would have hesitated with a conventional reefing system. My wife especially likes not having to deal with the sail ties and the dirty mainsail cover. The design, engineering and production quality of the Leisure Furl Coastal™ system is better than other systems that we looked at.

William E. Garrett, Jr., CPM
President Inter-Pacific Asset Management
Westminster, California