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Tom Cunliffe De-mystifies In-boom Reefing

32000 Around the World with Leisure Furl with Jopie Helsen

“When I got the boat (Sky) it had a Stackpack on there and I looked at all the lines up the mast and in the cockpit and I said there’s no way I want all that.  I’d had Leisure Furl on two previous boats, and I liked it, so I had a new carbon Leisure Furl installed instead.”


“When you are doing ocean sailing like that, we did 32,000 miles, you want it to be safe, but also easier so you don’t have to have everybody on deck.”


“In the 32,000 miles of ocean sailing we’ve done, the only thing we had to do to the system was to have a new luff tape installed half-way around the world, in Brisbane, Australia.”  


“The biggest advantage for us was being able to reef all the way down, especially in the Indian Ocean, where we were down to 3 reefs and a staysail.


“As for reefing the sail downwind, we found out that you don’t need to turn all the way into the wind to reef. All we would do go to a beam reach, drop the traveler down, and over sheet the jib. That would backwind the front of the mainsail enough to take the pressure off the front of the mainsail, allowing us to reef it down without fully turning into the wind and seas.


Of course, reefing the mainsail when dead downwind against the deeply sweptback spreaders popular on modern boats and catamarans is actually dangerous, because you have to drag the sail across the spreaders with force.  No matter what mainsail system you have, putting excessive sideways strain on any spreaders, and their bases, is a recipe for a dismasting disaster. 


I own a boat yard, and we had a customer who was ready to sell their boat. It was Bristol, nice boat, and I asked him why?  He said they were getting too old. I said, if I could show you how to sail that boat by yourself would that help?  We installed the Leisure Furl on their boat, and they still have it 12 years later.


 The one thing I like about the 57 footer I currently have is I can sail that boat by myself or short-handed because I have Leisure Furl


Every negative thing you ever hear about boom furling is always human error.  If it’s set up correctly, and you learn how to use it, you don’t need to worry at all.


If I do it all over again, it will still be a Leisure Furl

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“My latest yacht came with a retro-fit Leisure Furl® in-boom reefing system… Three years and several thousand miles on I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Tom Cunliffe in Yachting Monthly.

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From the World

“Too old to be doing this”

This letter is for all of the “older” sailors that think they are getting too old to sail.

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I want to write and thank you wholeheartedly for the rigging knife and sail bag you sent me upon my purchase of your Leisure Furl® system.

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Hello Peter,

I am sending you this note, to let you know, how pleased I am with the Forespar boom furling system.

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Dear Bill,

wanted to write you a thank you note for the products we have on our 2006 Catalina 440.

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As recreational day sailors and occasional cruisers of the California Coast and Channel Islands, we wanted to thank you for our Leisure Furl® system.

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Our Leisure Furl® Coastal, in boom, mainsail-furling system has been installed on our Catalina 30 for approximately six months now.

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The Leisure Furl® system on the new Apogee 58 “Sea Leaf” has been a resounding success.

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Hi Fritz,I couldn’t be happier with the Leisure Furl® and the rig you built. Quality work all the way around. I love it!

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And thanks again for taking the time to explain how it all works. Your clarity and patience are much appreciated and the red spot is a God send. I am passing on your good information to anyone who steps aboard as most folks don’t know the intricacies of that system, which once mastered, is the best.

Take care,


To the wonderful folks at Forespar:

Leisure Furl® brought back the fun of sailing.

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The big main on our prior boat, a Sabre 42, was getting too much for just my wife, Kathy, and I to handle. I took a chance and had Chuck Poindexter’s Sound Rigging install a Leisure Furl® boom. The resultant ease of handling our main reignited our love of sailing. It eliminated the “tension convention” associated with reefing and dousing the big main on the Sabre.

With our new confidence in hand and in anticipation of retiring and spending more time on the water, Kathy and I started looking for a new and larger boat. With the help of Bob Snyder and Howard Taylor of Dodson Boat yard in Stonington CT, we found our dream yacht, a Hinckley So’Wester 51, that did not have an in mast furling main. We bought her in 2005 in Newport Beach, CA. We trucked her back to Dodsons and began a major refit. Once again Chuck installed a Leisure Furl® boom. UK Halsey made us new sails. And the dream stays alive.

Being able to readily furl both the main and the genoa means we do it sooner, which keeps us in control and in the cockpit.

Thanks to Leisure Furl® we have had many more days and weeks of sailing – cruised to new places and met new friends.


Emmett and Kathy Harty (REGULUS)



My wife and I took delivery of our 48′ Tayana, Hokulani. Early in November we began our cruise to Mexico. Read More Over the next two seasons we put over 7,500 miles traveling as far south as Acapulco and north into the Sea of Cortez (including the “Bash” home each year). Our Leisure Furl® system worked perfectly. For the most part, it was just the two of us on board. The comfort of being able to raise, lower and reef the main sail from the safety of the cockpit really put our minds as easy no matter the time of day or sea conditions. To be able to easily handle the full batten main and maintain efficiency on all points of sail added to our cruising experience. We have had absolutely no wear, chafe or jamming problems. I highly recommend the Leisure Furl® system.

Don Cole, S/V Hokulani

“This may be the smallest boat (26′ Chrysler-1978) that you have ever put one on. I hope that I have the record! I did it because I sail single-handed a lot and I can control everything from the cockpit without having to go forward. When I go out, I can set the sails in 5 minutes or less with no problem. It’s great for me!”

Richard McGann

If this long overdue letter was written to the “product” LEISURE FURL®, rather than the developer/seller, I would begin by thanking Leisure Furl® for being there and operating “above and beyond the call of duty” during times of turmoil and stress.

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