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Video Maintenance and Tips

McLube & Forespar Leisure Furl® systems

Forespar recommends Sailkote for all luff tracks, tapes & bolt rope applications

Furling and unfurling sails will be much easier. In addition to limiting mildew on the furling sails your sails will operate with much less friction, and therefore will be easier to furl and unfurl. Sailkoted sails roll tighter, so on systems such as roller masts/roller booms (where there is a limited cavity for the sail to fit in) the sail will fit better and not chafe as much when furling/unfurling.

“SAILKOTE™” Plus will severely limit, if not ILLIMINATE the growth of mildew on your sails and, depending on use, need not be re-applied for any sooner than every 4 -5 years.

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Luff Tracks:

Luff tracks should be cleaned with fresh water at least once per sailing season. Once the luff track has been cleaned well with fresh water (a little soap is sometimes helpful) and rinsed well, a good dry lubricant such as McLube should be used. This can easily be applied by spraying McLube directly to the luff of the mainsail when raising the sail. A short piece of luff tape with grommets for the halyard and a retrieving line is also good for cleaning the luff track easily and can be obtained from your local sailmaker.

The sail cover boltrope cavity should also be cleaned regularly and the sail cover edges treated with McLube as well.

Drive Shaft & Mast Bearings:

There are two shaft bearings in the mast; one on the aft side in the top of the gooseneck casting and one on the forward side inside the furling spool. Removing the drive shaft and ratchet spool accesses these bearings. The shaft is removed by moving the stainless steel retaining ring covering the connecting pin through the shaft and universal and driving this pin loose. This pin is a slip fit and should not require much force to remove it. Once the pin is removed, the drive shaft and ratchet/line spool may be removed from the spool. This gives access to the forward bearing and aft bearing. These should be cleaned and re-lubed with good quality winch grease. The shaft can also be lightly greased with winch grease where it is in contact with the bearings. Replace the shaft and reconnect the pin.

Aft End of Mandrel:

The after end of the mandrel rides on a tapered spigot and is accessed by lowering the aft end of the boom until good access is obtained. You will have to disconnect your boom vang in order to lower the boom enough. Clean the spigot and the inside of the mandrel and relube with good quality winch grease.