Can Leisure Furl® be used on multihulls? 

Yes, most definitely. We have Leisure Furl® on Cats to 77′ LOA , all with typical multihull, large roach sail plans.

Does the shaft through the mast weaken it? 

On the contrary, the 1″ diameter shaft through the mast is very well braced fore and aft with the gooseneck fitting and the furling drum, and thus has an overall strengthening effect on the mast at this point.

How do you control foot shape without an outhaul? 

When the furling spindle is rotated, the fullness is pulled out by taking up on the center of the sail before taking up on the tack & clew.  As the spindle rotates further, the clew is continually pulled aft keeping the foot tight.

What about luff tension? 

With the halyard locked off, the furling control line can tension the luff the same as would a cunningham.

Has the Leisure Furl® been proven “offshore”? 

Yes!  The Leisure Furl® has been accepted for category 1 and has been sailed extensively offshore in all types of conditions.

Do you still need a trisail? 

You can use a trisail, but it should be fitted with a boltrope to fit the Leisure Furl® luff track.  Today’s boltropes and luff tapes are stronger than conventional slugs and with the new materials, friction is not a factor.

Does the hole through the mast weaken the mast? 

No!  The hole for the drive shaft is relatively small when you compare it with the halyard exits on your mast.  The bearing castings around the drive shaft also strengthen this area.

How much roach can I use in my mainsail? 

Up to 10% of the roach length can normally be accommodated in the roach.  A mainsail with a 50-foot leach can have a maximum of 5 feet of roach.

Do you have to use full-length battens? 

No, but the mainsail is more efficient and the Leisure Furl® works better with battens, but battens are not required.

Can you still get good sail shape when reefed? 

Absolutely!  As the battens roll around the furling spindle, they flatten the sail along the foot.  The upper battens are still helping to shape the sail.

Do I have to pull my mast to install the Leisure Furl®

No.  A qualified rigger easily installs the special Leisure Furl® luff track with the mast in your boat.

Can the Leisure Furl® be furled downwind? 

Yes!  The Leisure Furl® is designed to furl on any point of sail.  A different technique is used when reefing downwind.

Can I install the Leisure Furl® myself? 

No, To insure proper installation, Leisure Furls® are sold and installed by professional riggers.

Is a boom furling system better than an in the mast system? 

The in-boom system offers several benefits over an in the mast system.  In boom systems offer:

  • Considerable less weight aloft.
  • Each boom is elegantly tapered for attractiveness and weight savings
  • Allows a fully battened mainsail with luff round, roach and better setting sails.
  • Safety. With the open top boom, there is no chance of a stuck sail.

Also, if a mast system fails, you have to leave the sail up.  With a Leisure Furl®, you always have a manual over ride at the mast.

What is the purpose of the center support and the stainless steel guide? 

The support bracket restricts the bend in the furling spindle in a deep reefed situation.  The stainless steel guide ensures the sail does not catch the wrong side of the roller when hoisting sail.

What size boat can be fitted with a Leisure Furl®

Leisure Furls® come in sizes to fit boats from 24 feet to 70 feet.  Custom Leisure Furl’s® are built for boats to 100 feet.